On-site Meditation

Our certified meditation teachers come to your workplace to offer a pick-me-up to the workday through meditation. Classes can be between 45 mins and 2 hours based on content and requirement.

On-site Yoga

From scheduled drop-ins to 90 minute intensives to 30 mins of chair yoga, our certified teachers come to your workplace to offer a safe and powerful enhancement to your employees' working experience.

Mindfulness for Safety

Did you know that introducing the practice of mindfulness to your business can have a profound impact on not only culture, but safety in the workplace? We have programs specifically designed for this purpose which include in-person implementations and daily app based maintenance.

Thrive Corporate Wellness App

Keep the momentum going with daily micro breaks geared specifically toward enhancing culture, safety and wellness of the workday and the workplace. The App can be customized to the unique and specific needs of your business through user feedback and analytics. Need more productivity in your workplace? There's support for that. Stress Management? We've got you covered. We can also customize as you go to keep your ever-changing business needs met every step of the way.

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