Corporate Wellness - why?

Really, it's why not?

Most of us spend about 25% of our working lives, or somewhere around 90,000 hours throughout our careers, at our places of work. As an employer, if you think you're getting the best of anyone for 90,000 hours, think again.
Studies show that the average employee in an 8.8 hour work day is only productive for 3 of those hours. Three. Trois, Tres. 3.

Studies also show that on average only 13% of the workforce reports being truly engaged in their job.

The streams of self-investment offered by Thrive are proven to boost employee engagement, health, productivity and overall happiness by more than 20% and can mitigate employers' health care cost by up to 35%.
Our unique brand of delivery is specifically designed to nurture a culture of change, caring, and investment in self, and co-workers.

Further, our aggregate impact data will show you where your people are thriving, and where they're in need of support, how they're feeling about fiscal year end, and how seriously they're taking their own well-being. Knowing how your workforce is responding to the challenges at hand will help you cultivate the best, safest, most positive working environment possible for the people you see more than your own family some weeks!

With resources geared toward topics such as productivity, mental health, stress management, breath awareness, anxiety, happiness management, cultivating creativity, how not to slap the guy in accounting who makes you bite your own fist every time you see him, and much more, Thrive Corporate Wellness has the tools you need to create real cultural change and improvement one micro-break at a time.